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Who are we

The world is changing. Wherever we look, we see new technologies and ground-breaking innovations emerging everywhere that have the power to change our lives forever. The future is a way closer than you think! The last decades the composition of the façade construction has become much more complicated in recent decades due to the increased diversity of layers. The cladding plays the main role in this: it protects the inner layers of the structure against the outside environment and thus improves or guarantees the performance and durability of the components in the facade construction. It goes without saying that the detailing of this façade construction requires attention, both in the design and the implementation phase! Improperly designed or executed detailing influences the service life and performance of the facade construction. TWEHA is operating in facade industry only for almost 50 years now and offer, besides their unique bonding systems, due to their technical background as engineering-office, expert advice in façade design and engineering. The bonding systems of TWEHA distinguish themselves in the market by its specific composition and high quality. Its unique formulation provides the highest values for adhesion, tensile and shear strength. Our solutions can be found on several thousands of buildings in more than 40 countries around the world and they all continue to stand strong! Reliability is a proven fact. From the viewpoint of continuity, quality is most important for us and the most important boundary condition for building in a sustainable way. A high-quality façade requires good design and good materials which are properly applied.

With our experience, knowledge and specific know-how concerning cladding, TWEHA is the undisputed b2b world leader in the field of bonded façade cladding and consequently, unlike our colleagues, only active in the field of façade cladding.

And as you probably know, we have a, more or less small, but growing world-wide distribution network of high quality with our ‘Partners in Bonding’. These distributors are exclusively developing their business with the bonding products of TWEHA helping increasing their benefits by supporting their projects with TWEHA‘s Bonding Systems.

Our goal is to support our clients and users with an easy to use bonding system, which is environmentally friendly, with an excellent UV resistance, has easy workability, standability and printability, is moisture resistant and, most important, primer less on most substrates. Which is appreciated by most of our clients given the willingness to use or sell our products in many occasions.

The bonding products of TWEHA are unique. Besides the strength and durability, the big difference with other solutions is the absence of a dangerous primer:
– which greatly simplifies the application of our systems, one application-run less, thus reducing the risk for errors;
– you are not bound by a time limit in application as you are when using a primer;
– the lack of these dangerous primers reduces environmental and health risks, and
the absence of a primer makes it possible to process the glue system at low temperatures.