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See the most helpful reviews written by our relations who are familiar with our expertise, technical support and the bonding systems of TWEHA.
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Due to the prevalent atmospheric conditions, in our country there were severe limitations to the installation of ventilated façade claddings during 6-8 months per year. With TWEHA’s primerless bonding system it is now possible to proceed with the installation all year round, thus offering a great benefit to our professional customers.

Beside the advantages of a primerless bonding system explained in the answer above, it was of great value to us to be able to count with the expertise and technical support of TWEHA which has enabled us to satisfy all the queries received from our professional customers.

I will certainly recommend TWEHA.

Massimo Nava

Vivarec, Estonia, January 2021

bonding systems,tweha,reviews,technical support

We’ve had no call-backs about installations anywhere.
That’s always good news in our book.
Alex Schaub

Ecosupply, USA, January 2021

bonding systems,tweha,reviews,technical support
I had the opportunity to cooperate with Tweha company on a couple of projects, all praise, and recommendations. Very high-quality cooperation, and very high-quality products, helped in our work when it was most needed. Note – the products can be applied in conditions below 5 degrees, very important in our business, when it comes to sudden cold weather.

Zoran Nikolić

Testeral, Serbia, November 2023

bonding systems,tweha,reviews,technical support

In 2019 we were looking at adding a new phenolic resin door style (HPL) to our cabinet line. The phenolic doors and panels are very heavy and our regular Polyurethane adhesives wouldn’t adhere to the surface of the material. TWEHA PanelMate was recommended by our paneling supplier and we are grateful for the recommendation! 

We place a lot of faith in the adhesion properties of TWEHA PanelMate. Our panels are 12mm thick and there isn’t a lot of material for mechanical fasteners to attach to. We have to rely mostly on the adhesion of the TWEHA PanelMate in our factory and in our dealer’s installations. We find the drying time and adhesion work perfectly for our application.

TWEHA PanelMate’s testing document gave us great confidence. Great adhesion and durability outdoors. We have sold out a number of jobs in the past two years and have had no returns due to adhesion issues. We have also added TWEHA PanelMate as our adhesive of choice on our online ordering system and almost all of our dealers that order our phenolic door cabinetry order TWEHA PanelMate to use for their installations.

Terry Baker

Naturekast, Canada, January 2021

bonding systems,tweha,reviews,technical support


I have been working with Mario from TWEHA for about seven years now. Mario is trustworthy and always keeps his promises. Best recommendations from me.

Per Dybdal

Dybal Contracting, Denmark, September 2021