Tweha GlassMate

TWEHA GlassMate is a homogenous, highly elastic, one-component high-end hybrid-polymer smooth adhesive, and specially designed for use with various panels of tempered glass and other types of glass as wall cladding material.

Based on our one-component high-end hybrid polymer we have been able to develop TTWEHA GlassMate, a special product to bond glass panels in a sustainable way to construct glass facades without any frames or mechanical connections. Again from an aesthetic point of view a glass façade can create some beautiful and impressive effects.

Its unique formulation provides the highest values for adhesion, tensile and shear strength. The use of an aggressive adhesive primer is unnecessary, which results in significant savings in time and money.

The complete TWEHA Bonding Systems includes a special made TWEHA Adhesive, TWEHA Cleaner+ and TWEHA Tape and eventually TWEHA WoodProtect or TWEHA Blacken. Please refer to each product’s Technical Data Sheet and our comprehensive list of approved substrates.

No More Screws or Rivets Needed

With TWEHA Bonding Systems, unsightly screws or rivets for fixing the panels are no longer necessary and the panels can reveal their true beauty.
Compared to hidden mechanical fixations, the TWEHA Bonding Systems can save you up to 40% costs.