Tweha Blacken

When using a brut aluminum supporting structure, the appearance of the brut aluminum in the joints between the cladding panels can be experienced as disturbing.
If there is a need to color the aluminum profiles in black the use of black anodized aluminum is the most obvious solution but for cost reasons you can also decide to paint the aluminum using TWEHA Blacken.

However, aluminum is a difficult material to paint. In spite of sufficiently clean, dry and grease-free aluminum with the TWEHA Cleaner+, it presents problems with adhesion with traditional paints. The knowledge that afterwards also (partly) a durable adhesive bond must be realized on the applied black paint layer implies that specific demands must be made on this paint layer.

TWEHA Blacken is a black paint developed especially for this purpose with the high demands for a durable adhesion to the aluminum and the (partly) creation of a durable bonding surface for the TWEHA adhesive systems as a requirement.

With TWEHA Blacken, by the way fast drying, a black surface can be applied over the width of the joint (or wider) on the brut aluminum profiles, thus eliminating the disturbing ‘shiny’ appearance of the brut aluminum. The adhesive can then be (partially) applied to the black paint layer 30 minutes after application.