Tweha SuperFoam

TWEHA SuperFoam is a professional spray with active cleaning agent for effective cleaning of any surface and material.

The universal foam cleaner covers the surface with a foam layer for scratch-free and streak-free removal of grease, dirt, fingerprints, insects, nicotine deposits and many other contaminants from windows, mirrors, wall and floor tiles, carpet, tiles, door coverings, dashboards, painted surfaces and plastics, artificial leather, vinyl sunroofs, etc. without affecting or staining them.

In addition to a deep and powerful cleaning, this foam cleaner immediately leaves an anti-static layer so that dust and dirt are not attracted again! This keeps the surface clean and dust-free for longer! The foaming effect is ideal for vertical surfaces.

Shake the aerosol well before use. Spray a thin foam layer on the surface from a distance of 20 to 30 cm. Do not apply too much product. Leave on for 1-2 minutes. Remove the dirt with a cloth or kitchen paper. In case of extremely heavy pollution the foam cleaner can be used several times.

Thanks to the powerful active cleaning foam and the streak-free result, TWEHA SuperFoam is ideally suited for the effective cleaning of car windows, upholstery, glass, chrome, plastic, leather, vinyl, carpet, metal, wood, ceramics and other materials. In short, a universal foam cleaning spray that you can use for everything with an amazing result!