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TWEHA, a manufacturer of bonding systems on behalf of façade cladding has long recognized the need for a technical manual to provide guidelines and recommendations for the design, specification, and installation of bonded ventilated cladding with panels such as hpl, fiber cement board, natural stone, ceramic tiles, aluminum composite panels and thin brick cladding for exterior facades.

Technical advances in materials, manufacturing, and construction methods have expanded the role of this type of application ever since the development of adhesive mortars in the 1950’s.

In keeping with their position as an industry leader, TWEHA is publishing this second edition of their Technical Guide to make state-of-the-art information and technology available to architects, engineers, construction professionals, and manufacturers in the cladding industries.

It is also the goal of this publication to encourage new ideas, research, and building regulations for the purpose of improving the future of this construction technology.