Tweha Cleaner+

TWEHA Cleaner+ is a toneless neutral universal cleaner and degreaser for the degreasing and cleaning of all surfaces before bonding, sealing or painting.

TWEHA Cleaner+ removes grease, dirt and glue rests (not hardened) fast and safe. Also for removal of adhesive residue from stickers and labels, removing residues of adhesive, fast cleaning and degreasing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and tools and workshop equipment. TWEHA Cleaner+ does not no oxides with light metals.

TWEHA Cleaner+ can be safely used for the cleaning of aluminum, wood, synthetic fiber and cemented materials. Does not leave an oily finish and evaporates quickly and fully. It is an ideal tool for finishing glue beads.

To be used for renovation, repair, finishing, construction and industry. Does not affect any material! See the instructions for use for a comprehensive description of the application.