Tweha SolarMate

TWEHA SolarMate is a homogenous, highly elastic, one-component high-end hybrid-polymer smooth adhesive, and specially designed for use with various metal panels and wall cladding materials, such as aluminum Composite Material (ACM), copper, zinc, steel, aluminum or stainless steel to give a building a chic and distinct look.

Its unique formulation provides the highest values for adhesion, tensile and shear strength. The use of an aggressive adhesive primer is unnecessary, which results in significant savings in time and money.

But… solar panels are mostly installed on a roof… So why not create a futuristic architecture by using these solar panels for cladding? So we developed a special bonding system for solar panels. Obvious an issue to be solved is the fact that common dimensions of the standard solar panels generally do not correspond with the grid lines of the cladding. So you must be able to customize solar panels just as other conventional cladding materials.

The complete TWEHA Bonding Systems includes a special made TWEHA Adhesive, TWEHA Cleaner+ and TWEHA Tape and eventually TWEHA WoodProtect or TWEHA Blacken. Please refer to each product’s Technical Data Sheet and our comprehensive list of approved substrates.

Once it is possible to produce customized solar panels, with high quality photovoltaic modules that convert sunlight directly into electricity. So a smart and aesthetic solution for the installation of the cladding as a bonded cladding is established, as we are used to with conventional cladding materials.

With our special developed bonding system TWEHA SolarMate these panels are easy to install. This solution fits to the most daring architectures.